What should I bring to class?

We recommended bringing your own mat to class. We do have a limited number of mats that can be borrowed. We also suggest bringing small hand towel. Water is essential, but we encourage hydrating before and after class. Not during your practice.

Do you have props?

Yes. We have blocks, straps and other props available to assist you with your practice. Teachers will show modifications with props. Props can be incredibly useful to learn the postures. As you progress, you will be encouraged to try new modifications.

I am visiting from out of town… can I drop in to a class?

Of course. We love visitors! If you have a moment, send us a message and tell us about yourself and your practice. If you are coming to Mysore, let the teacher know prior to class what series and postures you are working on.

Why do you do adjustments?

Adjustments, or hands-on assists are a common part of the Ashtanga yoga practice and are one of the many ways it sets this practice apart from other styles of yoga. Adjustments are given to help correct alignment, and can also aid students in holding the posture with more confidence, experiencing the asana in a way they might not yet be able to do without help. Adjustments can help a student with balance, staying centered, and take weight or stress off certain areas of the body. As always, it’s important to have a dialogue with your teacher. If you do not wish to be adjusted, let the teacher know before class.

Physical issues or prior injuries coming into a class...

Please let the instructor know before class starts if you have a physical injury, recent surgery, or an issue that you need to work around or work on healing in your yoga practice.  This will allow them to keep an eye out, and suggest modifications and postures that may speed up the healing process.

What if I arrive late or need to leave class early?

We all try to get to class in plenty of time, but that doesn't always happen.  If you arrive a few minutes after the class time, respect the class and come in and quietly set you mat down.  If it looks like you'll be ten minutes or more late, you may want to wait for the next class

If you need to leave early...please let the instructor know at the start of class.  Stop 5-10 minutes before you leave and lay down on your mat and take rest before leaving.  When it's time to go, roll up your mat and quietly leave the room

What about bringing my cell phone into class?

We ask that you leave ALL electronic devices outside of the practice space.  If you have an emergency or are on call, let the instructor know at the start of class, and put your phone on vibrate.