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What makes Sun Dog Yoga exceptional?  

Sun Dog Yoga is a place where anyone can learn yoga, regardless of age, experience, or body type....our yoga is for everyone.   We strive to connect with each student individually every time they come for practice, guided by our strong dedication to help students grow.   Sun Dog Yoga's individual, compassionate teaching style will help you evolve your practice each time you step on the mat.  Our goal is to support students in developing a consistent practice because we believe a regular practice can transform mind, body, breath, and spirit. 

We offer the transformational toolbox of the powerful tradition of Ashtanga Yoga, as well as yoga philosophy, meditation and pranayama.  We are also a center for comprehensive, in-depth teacher trainings.  We turn out top level yoga teachers and help our teacher trainees in taking a  dive deep into their personal yoga journey.  Most importantly, we have created a community of like-minded people, committed to self-healing…with a sense of lightness and fun, even with the rigors of our yoga practice.  We are guided by the belief that growth and transformation is a joyful experience!





Take your practice, mind and spirit to deeper levels of learning and transformation with focused workshops of all kinds.  We offer opportunities to learn more about yoga and it's related philosophy...and more about yourself!


Upcoming Events



Friday, December 7 / 7:00-8:30pm / $25

Ayurveda is a simple method for creating optimal health through diet and lifestyle. As the sister science to Yoga, Ayurveda aims to create a state of balance within body, mind and spirit. Through a personalized approach, Ayurveda can be used to achieve one’s greatest purpose and meaning in life simply by learning your unique bodily constitution,

Sunday, December 9 / 1:00-3:00pm / $35 / *SIGN UP FOR BOTH WORKSHOPS…ONLY $50!

 In this workshop we will explore the understanding of ojas, the essence of the body. Ojas nourishes mind and body by developing one's vitality. We will explore simple practices with diet and lifestyle that will enhance ojas as well as empower your yoga practice. Information will focus on sleep, nutrition, herbs, and meditative practices.   

By appointment…December 7-9 / $85 for one hour session

Let Kyle guide you to physical, emotional and psychological good health through the tools and teachings of Ayurveda.  In your private consultation, Kyle will determine with you what is needed for you in the moment, offering guidelines and giving you tools to move forward in your healing journey.



Teacher Trainings    


200 Hour Anatomy of Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training begins October 26!



Join our in-depth,  seven-month long Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Teacher Training.  This amazing training is scheduled to bring the intensity, and give you time between Training weekends to soak it all in and still have a balanced life!

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Give yourself the gift of coming home  to balance, to your true purpose and path...come home to yourself.

We are beings of body, mind and spirit...and all aspects of who we are integrate in harmony or disharmony.  Through addressing all aspects of our being, we can find our way back to physical, emotional and mental health....