YOGA NIGHT OUT…Pine2Pink Fundraiser Event

Thursday, October 18 / 6:30-7:30pm / $30 includes 1 hour yoga, complementary appetizers & drink after class…Proceeds to benefit local breast cancer patients
Event held at the Doylestown Inn - 18 West State Street

Finish off your week on the right foot with a great   yoga night out!  Shari Simon, owner of Sun Dog Yoga Studio in Doylestown, will lead an all-level Ashtanga Yoga class that will clear your mind and body from the work week, bringing renewed energy as well as relaxation at the end,,,and you’ll be helping our local breast cancer patients…proceeds go to Pine2Pink! We’ll finish off the evening right after class with a  refreshing complementary glass of wine or beer and delicious appetizers from Doylestown’s own Hattery Restaurant...a combination you can’t beat!



An exploration into recreating your relationship with prosperity and money with Richard Towey & Shari Simon

Complementary Workshop - October 20 …1:00-3:00pm

We all want to live an abundant, joyous and financially fulfilled life. But what happens if you get stuck or struggle or feel you've plateaued, yet know there's more that's calling you? What if you simply don't know where to start? 

Join us in a two hour exploration of how to move beyond limiting beliefs and bring forward the life you truly want to live.  We will examine where we are financially, spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally blocked, and look at ways to shift out of old patterns and move forward.  The workshop is led by Richard Towey and co-facilitated by Shari Simon. 


Richard Towey has dedicated his life to learning about spirituality, how to stay connected with abundance in every area of life, and the laws and energy of money to achieve what he desires. Throughout his life, he has applied the concepts of energy, abundance, and the laws of the universe to attract various opportunities and guide people to unlock abundance in their lives.
Shari Simon has spent the last twenty years guiding students and clients in her yoga teaching and bodywork practice to connect with their hearts and true purpose in life.  Her ability to assist people in seeing what is in the way of  living their best, most  fulfilled lives has helped many shift and move powerfully forward on their life path. Shari is the creator and owner of Sun Dog Yoga Studio.


"I've had the pleasure of working with Richard for the last 9 years and have seen one success story after the other of people he has worked with personally to help them accomplish their goals and dreams. He has a masterful way of asking questions, using his keen sense of intuition and applying accumulated knowledge to help people in a way that is best suited for them individually. His unique combination of gifts, talents and skills make him an extremely effective communicator, teacher and mentor to anyone looking for bigger and better in their life." Jodi Banks

"I have known Richard for decades. Richard has an unquenchable thirst for helping others achieve their dreams. His expansive knowledge as a teacher brings assurance to students, clients and friends, in guiding them to their goals. Richard is a natural leader, and teacher for anyone who is willing to look into themselves, and do what is need to be successful." Darlene Vandegrift



with Dawn Greenly, C-RYT500

Sunday, October 21…1:00-3:00pm / $35 pay be 10-20…$40 day of workshop

Restore body and mind as Dawn leads you through a Yin Yoga followed by a guided Yoga Nidra practice.  Our Yin Yoga practice will focus on opening shoulders, heart and hips.  Yoga Nidra, or Yoga Sleep, is an    ancient practice that works on full body and mind relaxation. As we practice Yoga Nidra, we create lasting changes to the ways we perceive our thoughts, chronic stress, and ongoing health issues.  Please join us on this amazing journey…..class open to all levels. 



6 Week Course / October 30 -December 4 / 5:30-6:45pm
$80 fee for 6 wks. - $70 for Yoga Basics “Repeats” (fee includes discount at end of course on classes or memberships)

Join us for a six week beginning journey of yoga….designed for those brand new to yoga, or just wanting to brush up and get back in the game. We’ll start with learning safe alignment and breathing practices, and move through the warm-up sun salutations that are the cornerstone of the Ashtanga Yoga practice.  After that we’ll move through energizing standing poses and then go to the floor to address seated postures and the finishing, cooling down portion of the practice.

 Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a healing, energizing and fun yoga practice.  We’ll offer modifications for all postures so you can make the practice work specifically for you and your body.  By the end of the six weeks you’ll be able to flow through half of the Ashtanga Primary Series...and receive a discount on a class pass or membership as a dividend of attending Ashtanga Yoga Basics! Course led by Shari SImon, E-RYT500.