Bodywork Therapy


Your heart will show you the way...

We truly are multi-dimensional, with connection to all aspects of our being...physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  In our pressured lives we can fall out of balance, forget who we truly are and how to "find our way home" to ourselves and the powerful, peaceful beings we are meant to be.  Sometimes it takes a little help to come home...and Bodywork Therapy with Shari will guide your there. 

In each hour-long HeartSpeak Bodywork Session, Shari addresses the issues that are calling for most attention, guiding you to see where you are disconnected from your true self, and helping you to recognize where the imbalance started.  Often these patterns began at an earlier time in life, and still affect us to this day.  The intention behind Shari’s work is to aid you in seeing what needs to be “reconnected” within you...and assist this process by giving you concrete tools to use to keep yourself in balance moving forward.  During your session she will help this process along through physical releases, asking questions and utilizing  bodywork therapies.

Shari will pull from various physical modalities, including  myofascial release therapy, cranio-sacral therapy, Mayan lymph drainage, and energy therapy.  

It is important to understand where we hold onto stress in our being and recognize what the stress is trying to tell us.  Through Collard Bodywork Techniques and her intuitive abilities, Shari is able to help you pin-point the underlying issues and assist  in letting go of them, on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing for your session.  You may purchase a session below and connect with Shari to set up your session by phone 215-230-4031 or by email at:


Shari  Simon  has been practicing bodywork therapy for nearly 30 years, and has completed over 700 hours of course study in Shiatsu/ Shin Tai, Oriental Medical Theory, Pranic Healing, Collard Bodywork,  as well as years of study in indigenous healing techniques. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Notre Dame, and spent 15 years as a freelance art director in the film industry. Shari is a Yoga Alliance Registered Experienced Yoga Instructor at the highest level and is the owner and creator of Sun Dog Yoga Studio, a full service community yoga center in Doylestown, Pa.  Her commitment is to assist others in finding their way to good health, balance, and coming home to their true heart.